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Sallie Mae Reviews

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  • Rude customer service

    When calling 800-4-sallie about a sallie account--put your info in & it transfers you to Navient who can't help you & transfers you back to Sallie--put your info in again & go right back to Navient--for 3 hours of round and round because my internet log in was disabled supposedly because of wrong account info--that no one could re-set because when they tried to send me to sallie customer service it bounced me back to Navient!!! After 3 hours of 15 different Navient people who would just transfer me back to sallie I finally hung up!! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • My success story

    Good day everyone. I am Mrs Magarete Gram, a citizen of London united kingdom, I will love to share this great testimony that took place in my life for everyone to know it and be partaker of it that is why I always place it on answer, I want to thank (Mr.James Barry) for his kindness upon my family. Just a few months Back, I was in search of a loan of £95,000,00pounds as I was running out of money for my business and i could not pay my bills anymore. I was scammed £8,500 pounds and I decided not to get involve in such business again I never knew that a real lender like... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Cannot afford my monthly student loan balance

    I have private and federal student loans with Sallie Mae. My federal loan total is $4,474.17 and my private loan total is $63,742.64. Sallie Mae is asking $75.28 a month for the federal and $568.18 a month in payments. The federal loan is affordable but the private loan is ridiculous. I only make $32,000 a year. I do not mind paying around $300 a month in private but $568.18 a month is way too much. I am definitely willing to pay for these loans but not go bankrupt for it. I have spoken to customer service on more than one occasion and nobody is ever useful in helping me lower my payment. I... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • Concealing Information on MY. Account

    Sallie Mae refuses to provide the effect of payments on the balance of a student loan. Unlike every other lender, who provide in each statement a 'previous' and 'current' balance reflecting the effect of each payment on the balance, they only provide a transaction history of payment amounts, and how much is applied to principle and interest. When I requested documentation of my balance as affected by each payment, as well as the original amount of the loan transferred to them by Citibank, I was snowjobbed until a manager finally told me that this information is... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Loans

    My Son has student loans through Sallie Mae. He lives with us, his Parents, because he doesn't even make enough money to live on his own, (he's 25). He only acquired a half-way decent job in February of this year; He has SINCERELY been trying to pay anything he can to Sallie Mae; apparently, that isn't good enough. They call OUR HOME, AND HIS CELL PHONE over TEN TIMES A WEEK (NOT INCLUDING WEEKENDS). He IS paying AS MUCH AS HE CAN...........Sallie Mae IS GETTING MONEY FROM HIM EVERY MONTH.....yet, it has gotten to the point that is is harassment......THEY NEVER STOP. He... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • poor customer service

    Sallie mae says on their website they are fast approval via should be illegal to lie and make false claims like that. I am an IT professional and tbe system is not effecient and pdf character producer at end of application is not programmed to work as they say it does. Application process on-line didnt produce pdf characers despite having latest adobe 10 on computer. . I met all browser and system requirements. System clearly drives you to call only to repeat the application over Customer service reps very nice but could not answer questions on application questions that... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • need loan forbearance due to job loss

    I am very upset with Sallie Mae student loan. I recently lost my job and tied to get forbearance for 3 months or until I find another job. The customer representative told me that I have to pay $150.00 to apply for forbearance! What part of "I have lost my job and I don't have money" they didn't get? I asked to speak to corporate office, but the male with accent told me that he is not allowed to give me corporate office number and that corporate office does not speak to customers. Every time I call, I get customer representative from another country. Last time I spoke to... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • 5 year loan payoff

    I have many issues with customer service at Sallie Mae. First off, noone who works there can ever answer any of my questions. I get a different answer every time I call from you CROOKS! You never send the correct forms I ask for. I want to pay off my loan so I never have to deal with you people again. I want to set up a 5 year plan on a $16,700 loan that was originally set up over a 13 year term. I was told the monthly payment would be $450 because I still have to pay interest on a 13 year loan even if I pay it off in 5 years!! That is absord!!! I have never heard of such a thing and thats... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • Fraud

    Sallie Mae is earning money through "private loans", high interest rates, payments for deferments, and keeping these funds for personal bonuses for staff and management. Sallie Mae is getting the loans through Department of Education and creating the same situation as happened with the mortgage companies fraud. Please fix the problem for everyone. Remove the limited time for deferments, the payments for deferments, lower the interest rates and remove the "private loan" hidden interest bearing accounts. Provide extended payment plans for all loans, no matter the... More...
    (Education, Schools)
  • Complaint

    Sallie Mae has the very worst phone customer service that I have ever encountered. Yesterday I was on the phone with the them for 1 hour and 55 minutes, was transferred at least 7 times, NEVER got to speak to a supervisor or anyone else who knew what was going on and still did not get my problem solved. I like to have my bills automatically debited from my account. It is easier for me. I requested the appropriate forms from Sallie. They emailed them to me and I intened to fill them out and fax them in to Sallie. The forms they sent had the wrong fax number on them. I had to call and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)


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