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Sallie Mae Complaint - Sallie Mae Needs to Be Stopped
Sallie Mae Complaint

Sallie Mae Complaint


Sallie Mae Needs to Be Stopped

I graduated from a four year college in 2009 being about $75,000 in debt. In December of 2009 I got something in the mail from Sallie saying that I had to start paying off my debt and that my interest had not been paid in over a year. (My father had originally agreed to pay for my interest but he fell into deep financial debt around that time and never paid it. It would have been nice if he told me.) I called them and agreed with the customer service rep that I could pay $209 a month. They originally wanted me to pay a little over $500 a month which I could not afford in any way, shape, or form. Even though $209 a month was still a little steep since I was only making $14 an hour for 30 hours a week at the time, I figured that was fair since my dad did not pay the interest.

Well 4 years later, after paying between $209-$207 a month to Sallie Mae , I get a bill in the mail saying that they want $645 a month from me! I got this Thanksgiving weekend 2013, mind you. Those cowards...of course their customer service office is closed during the weekend, especially during Thanksgiving. I figured it had to be a mistake so I called them Monday and of course their lines were all busy. I put my name, account information, and phone number in so that a rep could call me back. Well, 4 hours later I finally get a phone call from a customer service rep at 8 P.M. telling him that this must be some mistake. He said it's not a mistake and that I owe $645 a month because their "loan program" is over and I was only paying $209 a month towards my interest. Seriously??

I was so mad. I tried to get the guy to lower my monthly payment but he wouldn't budge. I told them that I cannot pay that a month and I will try and pay as much as I can monthly. For December 2013, I paid about $215 in loans (federal and private). They had split up my loans into private and federal which they did before. I usually just paid towards both. Well after a couple of weeks, they kept calling me non-stop on my cell phone with an automated system telling me to check my account information. I was so sick and tired of hearing from them and getting emails sent to my phone that I called on December 23, 2013. I spoke with a woman this time and she told me the only options were to starting paying the $645 a month, or enroll in school. Seriously? I thought these companies were supposed to at least work with you.

I only make $16/hour for 40 hours a week. I decided to go on forbearance and I agreed with the rep that I could still pay the federal loans monthly since it was only $75.00 a month. The private ones would cost me more than $500 a month. I agreed to the forbearance. Then beginning of January 2014 on the weekend I started getting phone calls from them again saying that my loans are past due even though my monthly payment is due on the 11th of each month and they called me on the 6th!!!!!! I was so irate. I called first Monday night and screamed at the girl on the phone that I am on forbearance. She tried to cut me off by saying "but you have a private Stafford loan" and I quickly cut her off by saying "I am on forbearance since December 23, 2013 and have been paying off my federal loans. Please stop harassing me and calling me."

I have had it with this company. They finally stopped calling after that. It is now the end of February and my forbearance is over so I will now have to pay the $645 a month. I am getting so much anxiety over it because I cannot afford that a month. I wouldn't mind paying around $300 a month but I do not make that much money. I have been struggling to find another job for the past year so I cannot afford these payments but sadly I have not found a new one yet. This company is shameful and should not be allowed to demand money from people who can't afford it. At least work with people on how much they make so that they can make their payments without going bankrupt. Someone really needs to do something about Sallie Mae. They are ruining the lives of college graduates.

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