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Sallie Mae Complaint - Spoke to Sallie Mae Yesterday
Sallie Mae Complaint

Sallie Mae Complaint


Spoke to Sallie Mae Yesterday

For the past two weeks sallie mae has been attempting to get a hold of me and yesterday I decided to find out why they kept calling me. They wanted to inform me that one of my student loans is in repayment and past due. Keep in mind in January of 2014 I had set up a deferment against my better judgement to get them to leave me alone for a while. I am also still in school so there should not be anything in repayment status.

Come to find out they had taken a loan that I had consolidated with William D Ford from 2004 and made it active again. It says the loan was consolidated in 2009, well I didn't go back to school until 2011 and I never authorized anything of the sort.

I was talking with the first rep and told her that I am looking at the deferment paper right now and it says that I am in deferment from Jan 2014 to 12/15/17. Yes you read that right, someone made a big mistake with putting that date in there. Needless to say that have nothing on their end saying that I have a deferment to that time and no matter how many times I told them they refused to accept it. They also attempted to change the date of the deferment inside the student loan data report to say its already passed.

I have news for you sallie mae, I have it in black and white sent from you so therefor any charges you put on me are illegal charges.

After being asked questions I attempt to respond and the woman on the other end wont shut up and let me answer and then she says I'm sorry can you repeat that? I tell her that no I'm not going to repeat myself simply because you refuse to shut up and not listen.

She hung up on me.

I called back and tried to talk to someone else about this deferment and once again I get another rep on the phone that cant comprehend that I have this paper still in front of me. The whole time I was giving them the account number from this paper. This lady named (TANYA) she refused to give me her last name or extension and claimed that she doesn't have a direct line so I informed her that I work in IT and I know she is lying to me and she says okay and?

Tanya also proceeds to tell me that it is showing that I am not currently enrolled in school and that if I am then I need to fill out a in school deferment form and send it back to her. I refuse and tell her that I am not going to fill out an in school deferment when I am in school and registered for the next semester. Not to mention all my classes are paid for already and I'm in good standing and have been the whole time.

So after realizing I'm dealing with another uneducated twit, she asks me if there is anything else that she can help me with and I say yes, hold on one sec while I pretend to get these papers, but in reality I am hooking up an HD microphone to record her saying she will not give me her full name (She has mine) or her extension. I wonder why these individuals will not give you their extension? Its mainly because they know they are breaking the law with the things they say, do and act toward their "customers".

Tanya if that is your real name, I am looking for your information and once I find it you will be reprimanded.

For all the others that have to deal with this company. Do not take out private loans, you will regret it cause sallie mae will not work with you and they will put a levy on your bank account and steal all your money and I promise your bank will allow them to do it. By law they are required to notify you of a levy and they will not, but they will put a date on there that reflects that they gave you time to look into it once it is already gone and there is nothing you can do about it at that point.

Any federal loans you have consolidate them with William D Ford, it is a government agency and they cannot or will not treat you the same way as sallie mae.

Do whatever you can to get all of your loans out of their hands and when you talk to them be very nice at first and ask them kindly for their number and extension and employee id if you can get it, just in case you get disconnected. That way they will think; hey I'm about to get over on this uninformed individual, but in reality you are using it just in case you are informed and they break the law you will be able to report the correct person.

Lastly, record them. They are recording you, so you record them. I have the benefit of the one party system in my state and it allows me to be that one party without even having to tell them. If you do in fact inform them that you are recording them one of three things will happen.

1. They will say that's fine.
2. They will tell you that they don't give you permission to record them.
3. They will hang up on you.

Get informed and don't allow these people to get over on you. Record them breaking the law and file a lawsuit.

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